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Hard Cider

*The 6 packs are sold in Extra Crisp and Blackberry flavors, you may also purchase products onsite in 750ml, ½ gallons, and kegs.*

All of our ciders are gluten-free!


Extra Crisp

Like taking a bite right out of an apple. Made from a blend of apples, this well-structured, bold, crisp hard cider is perfect for all seasons.
Sweet 5.5% abv., 20g sugar


Organic Harvest

Made from our 2023 estate grown Granny Smith apples. This cider is earthy and floral in taste.

Semi-Dry 6.4%abv., 6g sugar


BB in Apple


A labor of love, our fan favorite became a flagship. The blend of apples with blackberry creates the perfect balance of sweet and tart.
Sweet 5.5% abv., 20g sugar


Bubbly Ciderbration

A hard seltzer created to be extra dry, extra bubbly, and extra delicious. Whether it’s used for ringing in the new year or toasting to your happily ever after, this seltzer is perfect to raise a glass of at any occasion.

Dry 6.9% abv., 2g sugar

Grannies Gone Wild

A must, created from primarily Granny Smith apples, allowed to wild-ferment resulting in a bitter, dry, refreshing cider which dazzles the tongue and refreshes the senses. The time-proven product is a throw-back to earlier eras when cider was just “juice.”

6.9% abv., 0g sugar


Spicy Mango

This semi-sweet cider is bold and complex. Alone, our mango cider was juicy and delicious then we added some Tiger Paw habanero to spice things up. You still get the juicy flavor at first and then comes the burn.

5.5% abv., 14g sugar


Magnificent Mulberry

This beautiful deep burgundy cider has a well-rounded sweetness with a nice full-bodied texture. This complex cider develops with each sip, notes of dark chocolate and berries similar to the flavor profile of a port.

6.2% abv., 18g sugar


Strawberry Seltzer

Hard seltzer infused with strawberry juice. Not sweet, not heavy but very refreshing. This seltzer is clean and simple in the best ways. Perfect for those warm weather days when you want something light.

5.7% abv., 4g of natural sugar from the strawberry juice


Made with our wild fermented cider and pineapple puree,

this bitter-sweet blend will make you fantasize about sandy beaches

and crashing waves.  Juicy and vibrant taste will have you imagining

biting into fibrous and crunchy pineapple with every sip.

6.5% abv., 20g sugar




Distilled Spirits

Our handcrafted small-batch hard ciders and spirits are made from apples and are gluten-free.

Brandy in apple

Apple Brandy

Oak Barrel Aged
5 years
40% 80 proof, 750ml

Limoncello in apple

Limoncello Liqueur

Myer Lemon Zest
Simple Syrup
40% 80 proof, 750ml & 375 ml

Orangecello in apple

Orangecello Liqueur

Navel Orange Zest
Simple Syrup
40% 80 proof, 750 ml & 375 ml

Private Party Keg

Extra Crisp, Blackberry, Organic, Specialty

$85 – 1/6 bbl. Keg (5.16 gal)
$120 – 1/4 bbl. Keg (7.75 gal)
$220 – 1/2 bbl. Keg (15.5 gal)


$125 Deposit on all kegs
$50 Air Pump Tap Handle Deposit
$50 Keg Jacket Deposit

How many glasses of cider in a keg?

1/2 bbl (15.5 gal.) serves about 124 16oz. or 165 12oz.
1/4 bbl (7.75 gal.) serves about 62 16oz. or 82 12oz.
1/6 bbl (5.16 gal.) serves about 42 16oz. or 56 12oz.

To reserve a keg, please contact Indigeny Reserve via telephone