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Hard Cider

*The 6 packs are sold in Extra Crisp and Blackberry flavors, you may also purchase products onsite in 750ml, ½ gallons, and kegs.

EC in apple

Extra Crisp

A sweet hard cider with an extra crisp bite.
Sweet 5.5%, 32g sugar

Pumpkint in apple

Pumpkin Spice

Made with organic hard apple cider, and natural pumpkin spice flavor.
Sweet 5.5% 17g sugar

BB in Apple


A sweet hard cider with backberry juice added.
Sweet 5.5% 32g sugar

Organic in apple

Organic Harvest

Made with organic apple hard cider blending honey crisp and golden delicious apples. Semi-Dry 6.4% 5g sugar

Ciderbration in apple

Bubbly Ciderbration

A dry hard cider that is elegant, refreshing, and clean.
Dry 6.9% 2g sugar

Grapefruit in apple


Made with organic hard apple cider, and a grapefruit flavor.
Sour 6.4% 7g sugar

Maple Bacon

Made with organic hard apple cider, with a hint of maple flavor and a smokey finish.
Sweet 6.5% 20g sugar


Distilled Spirits

Our handcrafted small-batch hard ciders and spirits are made from apples and are gluten-free.

Brandy in apple

Apple Brandy

Oak Barrel Aged
5 years
40% 80 proof, 750ml

Limoncello in apple

Limoncello Liqueur

Myer lemon Zest
Simple Syrup
40% 80 proof, 750ml & 375 ml

Orangecello in apple

Orangecello Liqueur

Navel Orange Zest
Simple Syrup
40% 80 proof, 750 ml & 375 ml