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Events for the Whole Family

Whether you’re here for a date, meeting up with friends, or looking to create family memories, Indigeny Reserve in Northern California has various events perfect for any moment. We have several seasonal events that rotate and offer fun for the whole family. Be sure to check our Facebook page frequently, as things can change, and new events can be added. We look forward to seeing you at our events.

Events List

Food Vendor: B’s Bites every Saturday, Pizza B Good on Sundays 12pm-4pm (Weather Permitted)

March 31, 2024, Closed Easter Day

April 7th, 2024, Sip n’ Paint w/ Fun Fine Artist (Kym Casner) 1pm-3pm

April 13-14, 2024, Annual Spring Festival

April 13, 2024, Live Music w/ The Real Just M 12pm-3pm

April 14, 2024, Live Music w/ The Dark Clouds 12pm-3pm

April 20th, 2024, Youth Mountain Bike Event 10am-2pm

May 12th, 2024, Live Music w/ Neil Buettner 12pm-3pm

May 19th,2024, Sip n’ Paint w/ Fun Fine Artist (Kym Casner) 1pm-3pm

June 8th, 2024, FOAC Fundraiser (Friends of the Animal Community)

June 16th, 2024, Sip n’ Paint w/ Fun Fine Artist (Kym Casner) 1pm-3pm

July 7th ,2024, Sip n’ Paint w/ Fun Fine Artist (Kym Casner) 1pm-3pm

July 14th, 2024, Live Music w/ Love Camp 12pm-3pm

August 31, 2024, Closed at 3pm for Wedding

September 2, 2024, U Pick Apple Season (Come in and pick a bag or box of apples)

October 5, 2024, Fall Festival 11am-4pm, Live Music w/ Blue Oak Band 12pm-3pm

October 12, 2024, Fall Festival 11am-4pm, Live Music w/ Lucky CuzN Band 12pm-3pm

October 19, 2024, Fall Festival 11am-4pm, FOTC Pumpkin and Zucchini Weigh In, Live Music w/ Cole Hinkle Band 12pm-3pm

October 26, 2024 Fall Festival 11am-4pm, Live Music w/ Rockslide 12pm-3pm

November 28, 2024, Closed Thanksgiving

December 14, 2024, Winter Wonderland Festival 11am-4pm, Visit w/ Santa 11am-2pm,Live Music w/ Lucky CuzN Band 12pm-3pm

December 15, 2024, Winter Wonderland Festival 11am-4pm, Live Music w/ Kinland Station

December 25, 2024, Closed Christmas




group of friends at the bar tasting

Keep an Eye Out for Local Events

Not only do we try to host several educational guest speakers, but we also try to act as an event hall for our community. We offer our grounds to local musicians seeking experience performing in front of a crowd. As always, we are constantly updating our event calendars, providing updates to current events, or adding new ones. Talk to Casandra Hard, our Program Director, to learn more about hosting an event or scheduling a performance.

Experience Our Winter Wonderland Festival

This event is held on the second weekend in December, kicking off the spirit of winter with live music from local musicians, artisan crafters displaying and selling unique gifts, visits with Santa from 11am-2pm, a new cider release and many other winter activities. If you are interested in a becoming a vendor for this event, please contact If you have any other questions, please call us at 209.533.9463 so we can better assist you!

We Support Our Community

We understand that our success is thanks to our community. Our goal is to provide multiple opportunities to give back to our community by offering events for everyone to get together and have fun. Whether you’re looking for a fun seasonal event or learning more about sustainable living, Indigeny Reserve has the possibilities for you. Again, if you’re looking to host an event or book a performance on our grounds, contact us and ask to speak to Casandra Hard. We’ll be happy to help and look forward to seeing you.